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BioScience Laboratories is now Nelson Laboratories Bozeman, LLC.

Posted On: May 02, 2022

Subject: New Legal Name for BioScience Laboratories, LLC

02 May 2022

Dear Valued Customer,

We are happy to announce that on 1 May 2022, BioScience Laboratories, LLC, officially became Nelson Laboratories Bozeman, LLC. We are excited to complete this portion of our integration of the BioScience Laboratories’ facility into the Nelson Labs family.

As always, we will continue to offer the industry leading Claim Substantiation, In-Vitro, and Virology testing services you have come to expect from our Bozeman team. As we complete this integration, we want to ensure you that you will retain access to the full value of both the BioScience Laboratories and Nelson Labs services. This name change is the beginning of a seamless experience for all of Nelson Labs’ customers, system wide, and will ensure access to the quality, service, and expertise you expect from Nelson Labs. Following is a listing of the changes that have taken place.

BioScience Laboratories LLC is now Nelson Laboratories Bozeman, LLC.

BioScience Laboratories is now Nelson Laboratories Bozeman, LLC. A new W-9 form showing the name change can be accessed by clicking here or on our parent company’s website at:

You may have been provided with a BioScience Laboratories’ W-9 form with a different Tax ID number than the one listed above. This previous Tax ID number was associated with BioScience Laboratories, LLC and will no longer be in use post name change. If you were utilizing this previous W-9 form, we assure you that this form was correct and no changes to tax documentation need to be made. However, please ensure that you use the updated W-9 form, and Tax ID number going forward.

This W-9 form provided at the above link, and on our website, will be the most current and accurate. Please notify your purchasing or vendor management group of this name change.

Supplier qualification/requalification process

This name change may require that customers have both Nelson Laboratories Bozeman, LLC and our parent company Nelson Laboratories, LLC qualified as vendors. Many customers that did not have our parent company, Nelson Laboratories, LLC, qualified as a vendor have already started the supplier qualification or requalification processes. Nelson Labs will do all that we possibly can to support this activity. Our Quality Department personnel are available to provide information or to help in completing the supplier qualification paperwork and scheduling any needed audits. We will have a new Nelson Laboratories Bozeman

6280 S. Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT, 84123

801-290-7500 |

Qualifications Packet available on our website when the new name takes effect. Please contact our team at or call us at 877-858-2754 for help or further information. If you have not started this process, please let us know what we can do to help you get started—so you do not experience any issues or delays when you need laboratory testing.

Availability of new ISO certificates due to the name change

We will receive updated ISO 17025 certificates reflecting our name change shortly and will make these available for you to download from the website listed above as well.

Purchase orders, quotes, and invoicing

We will now begin utilizing the Nelson Labs name on all our registrations, certifications, final reports, quotes, and invoices. All future documentation will show the Nelson Laboratories Bozeman name and logo. Also, beginning today, when you receive a sales quote from our Bozeman offices you will receive a Nelson Laboratories Bozeman quote in return. Use these new quotes to create the POs required by your internal processes. If you need new quotes, please contact our sales department at

Please know we value our partnership with you and are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible. It is our commitment to always provide you with world-class service and support.


Joe Shrawder


Nelson Laboratories, LLC.

You can download the signed letter here.