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Candida auris Testing

Posted On: Jan 11, 2018

Candida auris is an emerging fungus that is multidrug-resistant. The CDC has classified Candida auris as a rapidly emerging fungus that has been the cause of tens of thousands of outbreaks in the healthcare setting, including ear, wound and bloodstream infections. This species of Candida is difficult to identify through conventional laboratory methods and its transmission is not completely understood, which poses the question: Are healthcare workers identifying and treating this rapidly spreading fungus properly?

The CDC has collaborated with the FDA to provide a bank of Candida auris isolates to be used to challenge devices and antimicrobial/antifungal agents. BioScience Laboratories has acquired this collection of isolates to help our clients test their products against this emerging fungus. BSLI can help customize a study using a Time-Kill assay, MIC/MBC assay, or a hard surface disinfectant test for your product against Candida auris.