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1765 South 19th Ave Bozeman, MT    

$325 | $325 Surgical Scrub Study: 2308988-102 GR4

Signup By: 12/07/23

Study Dates:

12/11/23 - 12/18/23

Study Time:

9-11:10 AM (12/11, 12/13, 12/15), 8-10:20 AM (12/18)

Return Visit:

Baseline Days: 12/11, 12/13, 12/15; Testing Day: 12/18


This study involves research to measure the antimicrobial effectiveness of a product as a surgical hand scrub.

Sites Tested:

Hands and Forearms


Restriction Date: 12/04/23 (7 days)

  • Do not expose ungloved hands or forearms to antimicrobial agents, medicated soaps, medicated shampoos, hair mousses, or medicated lotions
  • Do not use treated pools or hot tubs, sunbathe, or use UV tanning beds
  • Do not apply nail polish, artificial nails, or undergo nail treatments. You cannot have nail polish present prior to baseline sampling or testing.
  • Do not wash your hands or apply lotion within the 2-hour period prior to baseline sampling or testing

Study Qualifications:
  • Must be between 18 and 80 years of age
  • Must possess both hands and all ten digits
  • Must be in good general health
  • Cannot have washed your hands or applied lotion within the 2-hour period prior to baseline sampling or testing
  • Cannot have active skin rashes, dermatoses, hangnails, or breaks in the skin of the hands or forearms. Cannot have inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Cannot have limited mobility or dexterity that would hamper your ability to perform the study
  • Cannot have known allergies or sensitivities to latex (natural rubber), non-latex glove materials, alcohols, sunscreens, deodorants, laundry detergents, cleansers, soaps, lotions, to topical application of fragrances (e.g., perfumes, colognes, etc.), or common antibacterial agents, particularly ethanol.
  • Cannot be receiving any antibiotic medications
  • This is not a complete list, please reference Informed Consent for all restrictions
  • Cannot be receiving any steroids (including steroid medications used to treat asthma)
  • Cannot have a history of anaphylactic shock, anaphylactoid reaction, or anaphylactoid shock

Total Time: Baseline Days: 30 mins; Testing Day: 5-7 hrs (approx.)

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