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1765 South 19th Ave Bozeman, MT    

BioScience Laboratories Phase 2 Reopening

Posted On: Jun 04, 2020

BioScience Laboratories

1765 S.19th Ave. Bozeman, MT 59718

+1 406 587 5735 •

Dear Sponsors,

Thank you for your patience.

These past couple of months have been full of change as our team has worked to navigate the “new normal.” We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, as it has allowed us to continue our testing operations and provide the data needed for important decisions to be made, as well as keeping everyone employed.

We are excited to announce that as Montana enters Phase 2 of our governor’s reopening plan, BioScience Laboratories will also be taking steps to move closer to what once was our “old normal” operations. Out -of-state visitors will no longer be required to quarantine for two weeks upon entering Montana. As such, we have now opened our doors for on-site visits. We will continue to remain vigilant to ensure our visitors’ and staff’s safety. All visitors will be required to wear facemasks while on the premises, and effective products will be made easily available throughout our facilities.

Thank you for the cooperation and trust you have placed in us, but if you have any questions about our updated policies, testing services, or about scheduling a visit, please contact us (information above).


Daryl S. Paulson, PhD

President/Chief Executive Officer.