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Personal Care Product and Cosmetic Testing

Our Bozeman, MT Facility is your premier personal care and cosmetic product testing facility. Our dedicated skin and cosmetics testing laboratory is staffed by leading experts with specialized in-vitro and clinical testing experience. Paired with our state of the art instrumentation and optimal skin evaluating climate; we are prepared to help you design, test, and analyze the precise data that your product needs.

BioSafety Level -3 Disinfectant and Virology Laboratory

Our In-Vitro and Virology laboratories have long been a pillar of our disinfectant and anti-microbial efficacy services. We have now taken that offering to the next level through our BSL-3 lab. Our expert team, lead by Virologist Volha Teagle, Ph.D., is conducting our ISO 17025 against BSL3 pathogens; including SARS-COV-2 and Monkeypox Virus. Our experience in study design and multi-agency regulatory processes prepares us to produce the precise data you need in the timeline you want.

Clinical Mask Fit Testing Expertise

Negative pressure respirators (e.g., N95) are respirators where the air is purified by being pulled inwards through a filtration media during breathing. By design, the efficacy of these respirators relies on the air to pass solely through the incorporated filter. Air leaving through unintended gaps in the respirator’s seal compromise its efficacy and may provide lower-than-desired protection. In light of the recent pandemic, and the subsequent increase in importance of facial coverings, ensuring a respirators appropriate fit has evolved from a matter of personal safety to a matter of public safety. As a result, the ability of a respirator to fit appropriately on the diverse face shapes and sizes of any given community become paramount to that community’s public health. For this reason, fit testing of air-purifying, negative pressure respirators should be conducted by manufacturers to measure how well the respirator seals with faces of different shapes/sizes and thus provide confidence that their respirator fully protects users regardless of their face shape/size

Biosafety Level - 3 Laboratory

For over two decades, our team of expert microbiologists have gained notoriety for conducting quality work on an efficient timeline. With our new state of the art Biosafety Le...

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Clinical Testing Laboratory

Our Clinical Trials testing is conducted in compliance with Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GLP) and is crafted to meet your specific needs. Throughout the study our Princi...

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Cosmetic Testing Laboratory

The Nelson Labs Bozeman Skin Technology Center is a research and technology division providing product safety, efficacy and claims substantiation studies for topical products....

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Virology Testing Laboratory

Nelson Labs can assist with new product development, R&D projects, and supporting EPA, FDA, EU, and Health Canada label claims. Combining our virology capabilities with ov...

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In-Vitro Testing Laboratory

Scientists in our In-Vitro testing labs are well trained on ASTM, AATCC, AOAC, CLSI and EN standard methods. The efficacy testing services of this laboratory include MIC/MBC, ...

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Materials Testing Laboratory

Nelson Labs Bozeman can support manufacturers of bandages, dressings, and their combinations with our Materials Testing services. The NLB Laboratory is temperature and humidit...

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Biofilm Testing Laboratory


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Custom Testing Required?

We can develop the exact test to provide the quality data you need

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