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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Study Cancellation & Postponement Policy

Fees associated with study postponement or cancellation represent actual costs incurred by Nelson Laboratories Bozeman as a result of either of these events or 50% of the total study fee; whichever is greater.

Actual costs accrue from, but are not limited to: prepared media and supplies already used for the study, or acquired for the study and not usable elsewhere; labor hours attributed to the study and/or labor hours lost due to the "short notice” of postponement or cancellation; and the loss of scheduled laboratory resources.

Notification of postponement or cancellation within the two weeks prior to, or during the course of scheduled testing is considered “short notice.” Other compensable costs BSLI may incur due to postponement or cancellation include IRB fees, subject payments, and fees paid or owed to third parties, such as medical monitors, physicians, and nurses, who are contracted for services essential to a study.