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Virucidal Efficacy Testing

Virucidal Efficacy Testing

Nelson Labs - Virucidal Testing

Nelson Labs can assist with new product development, R&D projects, and supporting EPA, FDA, EU, and Health Canada label claims. Combining our virology capabilities with over 23 years of experience in conducting Good Laboratory Practice and Good Clinical Practice studies, we can offer quality study designs to meet your needs. Our personnel are well-trained on the various ASTM, EN, and ISO standard methods and provide clinical and In-Vitro services. The Virology laboratory maintains a collection of over 50 different viral strains and cell cultures which can be used for high-throughput testing. This allows product formulators to test multiple products for efficacy against specific viruses.

Nelson Labs Bozeman is one of the leading disinfectant efficacy testing facilities within the industry. Our team hosts decades of experience with disinfectant efficacy evaluations and EPA regulatory requirements. Paired with out state of the art Biosafety Level 3 Lab, we are prepared to provide the data for your product to support the claims it needs.

We are currently scheduling emerging pathogen testing for both Sars-CoV-2 and Monkeypox Virus. Please contact one of our experts by clicking the link below to discuss your next virus efficacy study.

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Emerging Pathogen Testing

Looking to add claims against Covid-19, or other emerging pathogens, to your marketing or product label? We can help you get the necessary data for product registration and additional marketing and label claims. Our Biosafety Level - 3 laboratory allows us to offer efficacy testing directly against these pathogens. Speak to one of our experts today.

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Viral Disinfectant Claims Testing

Nelson Labs Bozeman has over twenty years of experience performing standard (AOAC and EN) disinfectant testing methods, including custom-designed efficacy tests for EPA registrations and FDA 510(k) submissions.

Our disinfectant testing laboratory offers clients a complete array of efficacy tests to support virucidal label claims. Our extensive library viral strains allows us to offer our clients more than just basic product efficacy testing. With a focus on providing our clients added value, we can conduct the efficacy tests that will provide the evidence for label claims that separate you from the competition.

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Surface and Fabric Viral Efficacy

Our virology team offers a comprehensive efficacy testing service for anti-microbial finishes, paints and treatments. We can generate efficacy data for antimicrobial properties on health care, industrial and consumer products. Our team experts offer years of regulatory experience with key agencies such as the EPA, FDA, Health Canada and more. Using fully custom study design, on standard methods such as ISO 18184 and EN 14476, we can help you register additional claims or provide claim support data. Contact one of our experts today to get started.

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