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Personal Care Product and Cosmetic Testing

Personal Care Product and Cosmetic Testing

Our Skin Research Lab

BioScience Laboratories' Skin Research Lab works with health care, cosmetic, and personal care product manufacturers from around the world. We test your products to ensure they meet the regulatory, quality, and safety standards that are crucial for markets success. Our team offers industry leading expertise in a range of product categories including moisturizers and lotions, hand sanitizers and antiseptics, mouth washes and rinses, and cosmetic and medical devices.

We offer full GLP and GCP clinical testing to support both safety and efficacy claims. Our dedicated recruitment team specializes in finding healthy volunteers to meet your precise study criteria. Our laboratory team hosts decades of regulatory and research experience in both clinical and in-vitro testing, and is prepared to develop fully custom protocols to ensure you get the data you need. To talk to one of our experts today, click here.

Why Test At BioScience Labs?

In House Testing

BioScience Laboratories is your one stop location for industry leading skin and cosmetic testing. Our Bozeman, MT facility offers 100% in house testing through our skin and cosmetics testing lab. With an internal subject recruitment department, in-vivo and in-vitro expertise, and over 30 years of clinical experience, we conduct all our testing under one roof. This allows to offer industry low lead times and minimized completion timelines for your product.

Industry Leading Study Design

Our Bozeman, MT team prides itself in our multifaceted testing services. Our dedicated clinical and subject recruitment staff are prepared to meet the exact study criteria you need. Alongside them, our In-Vitro and Virology teams offer years of experience in order to efficiently perform even the most complex of studies. Our team boasts years of experience, resulting in low lead time standardized methods or highly specialized custom study design all in effort to provide you the data you need in the timeline you want.

Experts, Facility, and Network

BioScience Laboratories is the research organization best designed to test your product. Our lab offers one of the largest in-house clinical testing facilities in the industry. Our state of the art facility is further enhances with a dedicated scientific team boasting decades worth of scientific, regulatory and product testing experience. This entire offering also all sits within the greater Sotera Health network, giving you the confidence that our team is prepared to meet any challenge. BioScience Labs is the premier location for your product testing needs.

Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

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