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Monkeypox - Virus Efficacy Testing

Monkeypox - Virus Efficacy Testing

The EPA has provided guidance on the evaluation of the efficacy of products claiming to disinfect a variety of surfaces. Emergency guidance for claims focusing specifically on Monkeypox Virus have been added to this extensive list. With over two decades of viricidal efficacy testing experience, Nelson Labs Bozeman is the best partner to help you navigate field of compliance and requirements, in order to get your product to market on the fastest timeline possible.

We offer testing against coronavirus surrogates for the purpose of additional marketing claims and List-Q registrations, as well as direct testing against Monkeypox virus, for product label additions. Our dedicated Biosafety level- 3 laboratory combines engineering and scientific expertise to allow for expedited efficacy testing against Monkeypox virus while ensuring no sacrifices in the quality or timeline to your data.

Common Methods for Monkeypox testing:

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