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Wound Care

Wound Care

BioScience Laboratories, Inc. has worked with wound dressings for more than 20 years. We offer a way to sell your products for more bottom-line profit to you. We evaluate several different kinds of would dressings, some of which include:

1) Wounds Dressings that absorb exudate

2) Wound Dressings that maintain moisture

3) Wound Dressings that supply moisture for debridement

4) Antimicrobial properties for the above wound dressings

These studies are not conducted for approval processes, but instead, to sell your products' strengths

Wound Care Services

Bandage and Wound Care Absorbency Testing

We possess the equipment and facilities to evaluate the absorbency and vapor permeability of bandage and wound care dressings....

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Bandage Material Physical Properties

The Materials Testing Lab features temperature and humidity control along with the ability to test for the following product characteristics: Tensile StrengthPeel AdhesionOur ...

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Hydration Property Testing for Wound Dressings

Studies using human subjects (intact skin) to determine the effectiveness of dressings in maintaining or augmenting skin hydration over time (e.g., alginates, foams, hydrocoll...

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Wound Healing Evaluations

Evaluations of the rate of cell proliferation, measured as a function of cellular protein expression (e.g., growth factors) in a 3-D model of wound reepithelialization....

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First Aid Wound Management

In-vitro evaluations as described under II-A, and as follows: Screening zone-of-inhibition studies.Studies per methodology prescribed by the FDA: 21 CFR Sections 333 and 369, ...

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In-Vitro Wound Management Evaluations

In-vitro evaluations of antimicrobial properties versus ATCC or clinically isolated strains of bacteria relevant to surgical-, burn-, and catheter-related infections. Time-Kil...

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