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ASTM - E2752

ASTM - E2752

Standard Guide for Evaluation of Residual Effectiveness of Antibacterial Personal Cleansing Products

This guide is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of an antibacterial personal cleansing product in reducing the numbers of a marker organism (representing transients) both immediately and after prolonged exposure to (cleansing) washing when used as recommended under simulated use conditions. The method demonstrates the effect of residual antibacterial activity by means of inhibition of proliferation of bacteria on the skin after the contact period. Antimicrobial activity is compared with a vehicle or to a baseline organism count. This method may be used to a evaluate both water aided (soaps/cleansers) and leave-on (handrubs and sanitizers) antimicrobial personal use products.

ASTM E2752 Testing Procedure Summary

ASTM E2752 uses healthy adult volunteers with non-damaged or diseased skin. Volunteers refrain from using any antimicrobial products for at least a week (7 days) prior to the conducting of the study. Two sites are tested per participant; a control site and a site containing the test product. Both sites are exposed to equal number of treatments, and a minimum of an hour between application intervals is applied. Once the final application occurs, the predetermined time allotment is allowed to pass. Then each test site is demarcated, inoculated with the test micro-organisms, and then occluded for the designated contact time. Surviving bacteria are then recovered and enumerated. The microbial counts of each site determine the residual efficacy of the test product.

Why Nelson Lab's Bozeman?

Our Bozeman facility boasts over 30 years of experience in clinical antimicrobial efficacy testing. Our clinical testing services are offered fully on-site, limiting delays resulting from multi-lab coordination. All clinical testing services offered are further supported by our expert participant recruitment team, allowing us to fill the required test subject quantity in an efficient, full GCP and GLP compliant manner. We hold strong relationships and experience with regulatory agencies across the globe including the FDA, Health Canada, European Union, as well as many Asian and Latin American nations. Nelson Labs Bozeman is your premier testing facility, dedicated to provided industry leading data fit to meet all of your regulatory needs.

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